On our way to the 3-DAY!

On our way to the 3-DAY!

Last weekend, I completed my second official walk (actually my third, if you count the midafternoon walk I did, in the neighborhood of my job) and what a great day it was outside. There was everything from runners with those tricycle strollers thingamajigs to crazy skater ladies dancing in the middle of the action to her own beatless rhythm of course. I did have a walking buddy along, shout out to Ms. Marjorie (although not on the team, her sweet nickname is going to be ……”Ms. Goodbar”, I like it). We did about 4 miles, and it was great because we strategized how our cars would be set up, so that we could walk for 4 miles straight and not have to double back at the 2 mile mark! EXCELLENT, and highly recommended, who wants to see the same scenery twice? Unless, there was just something extra special…..I mean it is almost spring, LOL…..almost.


THIS JUST IN……. LAST DAY of the SALE. (And ya’ll know ya’ll like sales!)
If you REGISTER for the 3-DAY today (as a TEAM MEMBER or as a CREW MEMBER), there is  a $25 DISCOUNT off the REGISTRATION FEE!


Breast Cancer 3-Day participants travel an average of 20 miles a day during each event, raising awareness for breast cancer programs and breast health messages along the way. That is 60 MILES over 3 days! REGISTER NOW to START TRAINING WITH US!!!! Get in on the ground level, while we’re still doing short strolls. Want to join the team or just walk with us, leave me a note in the comment box.

To register visit the main website–>

(Click here to visit my personal page.) and make a donation today!

P.S. Fundraising Ideas are rolling in! What does everyone think of a date auction? HEY, it’s almost the summertime and you know what that means; hot sun, cool rain, and WALKS in the PARK (in the twilight hours, of course!) So securing your “cuddle buddy” now, might not be such a bad idea! LOL!

Coral Chocolatier

Coral Chocolatier


These shoes were made for walking…

These Shoes Were Made for Walking!

These Shoes Were Made for Walking!

Amongst other things, the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy!!!!!!!

While doing a bevy of other things,  the team managed to send off a bevy of letters to fundraise amongst other things. I, Coral Chocolatier (me) also took my first walk (cold and alone, but you gotta start somewhere), I took a 4 mile loop through the park (aiming for the 3mph average of 3-day walker) and my legs are still killing me, 2 days later. I got back to my car at a tempo of 4mph, so I think I’m in pretty good shape as far as getting the clip of the walk, but I will need to focus on endurance and longevity, that’s where the team will come in (YES!!!!).  I look forward to the end of the month, when one of the 3-day Outfitters will be hosting a walking clinic (maybe I’ll pick up a few new pairs of “kicks”, while I’m there):)

Oh!!! Post fundraising ideas in the comment section! We’re always looking for new ones.

Check back often,

Coral Chocolatier.

First Timers!

Off We Go!

Off We Go!

So we finally did it! We made the commitment and now we’re in the for the long haul, literally. The Gourmet Godiva and I (Coral Chocolatier) will be participating in the 3-Day  Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk. Yesterday, we attended our first Getting Started meeting, it really moved us. In fact, it moved us so much, that we’ve been texting back and forth all day, about our next move. Fundraising, walking, thinking about what we’ll wear and the Gourmet Godiva is still trying to convince me that I’ll be sleeping outside in a tent (we are both natives of Philadelphia, so I don’t see why I have to sleep outside, when my bed is a stone’s throw away, but who knows where my mind will be in the next few months). All I can say right now, is that we are excited and ready. Currently the Pink Chocolate Truffles’ (our team name) donation page isn’t up yet, but it will be soon, as well as our individual pages. So check back often! We will walk for this purpose with reason, check out my donation page for why I walk, when it becomes available. I’ll let you know. Contact us, if you are interested in joining our team.

Check Back Often;)


~Coral Chocolatier

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