These shoes were made for walking…

These Shoes Were Made for Walking!

These Shoes Were Made for Walking!

Amongst other things, the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy!!!!!!!

While doing a bevy of other things,  the team managed to send off a bevy of letters to fundraise amongst other things. I, Coral Chocolatier (me) also took my first walk (cold and alone, but you gotta start somewhere), I took a 4 mile loop through the park (aiming for the 3mph average of 3-day walker) and my legs are still killing me, 2 days later. I got back to my car at a tempo of 4mph, so I think I’m in pretty good shape as far as getting the clip of the walk, but I will need to focus on endurance and longevity, that’s where the team will come in (YES!!!!).  I look forward to the end of the month, when one of the 3-day Outfitters will be hosting a walking clinic (maybe I’ll pick up a few new pairs of “kicks”, while I’m there):)

Oh!!! Post fundraising ideas in the comment section! We’re always looking for new ones.

Check back often,

Coral Chocolatier.